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Download Zero Film Lite 2.2 to enjoy the best movies and series for free in streaming, one of the best cinema applications to relax. Zero Film is a free streaming application, allowing you to watch and download movies and TV Series in HD for free, no need to have an account to download or watch a movie.

Why download Zero Film Lite?

Zero FIlm lite was created to make your life easier, the application gives you access to thousands of films available on Netflix, Disney, HBO and many others. In one application, you have a diversity of media content.

How much does the subscription cost with Zero FIlm


The streaming application is completely free, the price of the application is 0$ (Zero dollar), you do not have to spend even 1$, all the content in the application is available without conditions, we know that the Cost of living is already so expensive, so why charge yourself to be relaxed ?

Why do I need to download the APK after downloading the application from Google Play?

Available on Google Play with functionality limitations to comply with Google policies. We respect Netflix, Disney, HBO, Paramount, Sony Entertainment, Tosala films, Prime Video, Apple TV and all these major cinema companies which continue to produce quality content. On this, you must download the APK outside of the Google Play store to enjoy all the content available in the streaming application.

Zero Film Lite Keys features

  • Autoplay resume
  • Download any movies for free
  • Download TV Series for free
  • Regularly updated content
  • Content request
  • Smart search.
  • Sharing content an others

Download Zero FIlm APK

Cliquer sur le bouton et vous serez redirigé sur la page de téléchargement puis appuyer sur download sur la page de téléchargement

Télécharger Zero Film Lite 2.2

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